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Frequently Asked Questions.



Studio Registration Fees


Annual Fee - 1st student:  $115

Annual Fee - 2nd student : $110

Annual Fee - 3rd student or more: 10% discount of total fee


Additional Lesson (piano or voice) Annual Fee: $30 per student


Annual Fee for students starting January - May: $60


Annual Fee for adult students: $30


Annual Fees are used to maintain the studio, fund recitals, and purchase materials to support teaching activities.  The annual fee is non-refundable.


Payment Plans are available and paid directly to the studio.

Monthly Lesson Tuition


15 minute lesson: $54.00

30 minute lesson: $90.00

45 minute lesson: $115.00

60 minute lesson: $152.00


Lesson Fees include payment for 41 lessons for 12 months. 1 lesson per 1 week.   Lessons are considered a  year long commitment.  All holidays, studio closings, and summer vacations have already been deducted from the lesson fee.


Monthly lesson fees are paid to your instructor.

When can I start lessons?

We enroll students on a rolling basis throughout the year.  As soon as we find a match to your schedule, you can get started immediately.  

When do you teach lessons?

Our teachers set their own schedules.  However, teachers teach Monday thru Friday.  We are not open on the weekends.  Periodically, the studio will close for holidays or school vacations.

What age should I start my child on the piano?

Most kids are ready between the ages of 5 and 6. Prior to that, we offer a Piano Playtime class that is a great option for preschoolers to explore the piano and musical concepts.  We also teach grown ups that want to give the piano a try.

Tell Me More About Sound's Policies

Please read our Policies at a Glance page for additional information about Sounds

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